Patti Engineering building.

About Patti Engineering

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, honest advice, and excellent engineering to enable our customers to increase their profit through productivity, efficiency, and quality improvement.

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Vision Statement

  • We strive to be a team of the highest caliber of intellectual and ethical individuals.
  • We strive to be viewed by our customers as a trusted advisor.
  • We continually nurture and grow our relationships with end users of our control systems.
  • We have a rewarding work environment stressing autonomy, mastery and purpose to retain our most talented engineers while attracting the best talent.
  • We strive to be recognized as a leader amongst our peers.
  • We aim for aggressive and manageable growth.


  • Collaborative & hard-working
  • Autonomous & respectful
  • Innovative & fun
  • Challenging, transparent & honest

Value Statement

Patti Engineering is valued for:

  • Expertise in our partners’ technologies
  • Thoroughly researching and executing solutions
  • Being a trusted advisor