Mitsubishi Electric GOT1000 csv Data Logging

There is a variety of choices for implementing data transfer in a typical automation system. By thinking out of the box, it is always possible to develop a new solution for data logging and transfer when standard methods are not feasible or are too expensive.

Blog Post by Shahrokh Yousefi, Controls Engineer


An automotive supplier requested engineering on their Laminator Machine control system to log recipe information. The customer needed data logging and archiving of the process information in their existing HMI, a Mitsubishi Electric GOT1000. The customer also requested to have access to logged data via the PC adjacent to the HMI.


Patti Engineering designed a solution to modify the existing HMI software and create a data transfer to the PC.  Patti Engineering programmed the logging function in GOT panel to log data points into a compact flash card in the HMI panel every 5 minutes. The log files are available in csv file format. Those files are locally saved to the HMI and we set up an FTP mechanism for file transfer from GOT panel to the local PC.


The data corresponding to each recipe screen on the HMI is logged into a separate file in a csv format. The log files are locally saved to the CF memory card on the HMI. They are also accessible remotely via a designated PC.

The Operator can transfer the existing log files from memory card to a dedicated folder on the PC by executing a pre-written batch file which runs the FTP transfer. To keep maintenance of the CF memory card simple, the logging function is configured in such a way that an old log file will be rewritten by the new one after a week. This eliminates the step of deleting old files.