Patti Engineering's Expertise: Continuous process control systems.

Continuous Process Control Systems

Patti Engineering understands how continuous process controls systems differ from discrete machine control.

We are able to take a set of P&ID drawings and an operations narrative and turn that into a functioning control system.  Our Engineers have the necessary expertise to understand the differences between a RTD and a thermocouple and how to cascade and tune a PID loop.

Patti Engineering has vast experience with various control system hardware and HMI/reporting software to custom design the right system, running quickly, and providing you with information you need to manager your business.  Web-based reports allow managers of a Patti system to readily access their plant floor’s information anytime and anywhere – from home, the airport, or your office.

Highlights of Patti Engineering’s Solutions:

  • Various PLC Hardware with Siemens being a specialty
  • Phoenix Contact Steeplechase VLC Logic Controller
  • Off the shelf Iconics, Siemens, or custom HMI solutions
  • Historian and Alarming packages
  • Development of loop diagrams and installation drawings
  • I/O commissioning, startup, and loop tuning services

A few of our Continuous Process Customers:

  • Inentec – Plasma Enhanced Melter waste disposal system
  • Champion Foods – Continuous baking operations
  • Lathrup Village – Water Retention Facility controls upgrade including wireless data transmission
  • Eagle Engineering – Powder batching system
  • GM Shreveport  – Paint flow control system
  • Toyota  – Paint circulation system
  • Toyota  – Paint booth air control system
  • Honda  – Closed loop paint circulation system

We are proud of our many satisfied customers and would be happy to provide a set of references upon request. Call the experts at Patti Engineering for your upcoming project or if you own a system that is not performing at the level required for your business.