Patti Engineering food & beverage industry automation.

Food & Beverage

We work with manufacturers in the food and beverage industry to improve plant productivity and efficiency by integrating  automation controls and information systems.

We understand that Food and Beverage manufacturers require superior monitoring, control, reporting, trending and alarming to satisfy compliance with stringent government regulations.

We can help you identify areas where improvements can optimize your operations to ensure that you produce foods and beverages of the highest quality and safety in every batch. We provide control and monitoring systems for batch mixing processes, continuous processes, cooking, ingredient tracing, performance and OEE monitoring, reporting and visualization, packaging, palletizing, labeling, work in progress (WIP), finished goods tracking, and product genealogy.

Patti Engineering provides seamless integration of equipment control systems into your MES/SCADA system and ERP system to provide accurate data collection for increased visibility and supervisory control of factory floor operations. We help our customers effectively manage the supply chain and optimize plant activities.