Patti Engineering food & oil & gas industry automation.

Oil & Gas

Advances in drilling have made it possible to reach underground oil and gas previously unobtainable. Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” are the technologies that make shale drilling possible.

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Sideways drilling allows one well to drain a much larger geographic area, decreasing the cost of drilling and greatly increasing a single well’s yield. We have worked with leading companies in this industry to further technological advances; our state-of-the-art solutions have been field-proven to increase drilling efficiency.

With the tremendous growth in horizontal drilling due to the developments in fracking; control of the drilling process to maximize safety and efficiency is even more important than in the past. Automatic drillers control drill line payout to increase/decrease Weight on Bit (WOB), bit torque and Rate of Penetration (ROP) to a target value. Payout is regulated through control of brakes and/or motors.

Our control system expertise has assisted in the development of advanced Auto-Driller technology to improve efficiency and monitoring. This ground breaking innovation created the first auto-driller to use 100% electrically controlled drive instead of pneumatic or hydraulic.