Patti Engineering textile industry automation.

Textiles Industry

In an industry where margins are thread-thin, we have made a name for ourselves by helping textile manufacturers increase productivity and efficiency.

We upgrade equipment with antiquated control systems and implement advanced production monitoring and downtime reporting for improved operations and management capabilities. The number one manufacturer of spun yarn in the world, North Carolina based Parkdale Mills first hired Patti Engineering in 2009 to implement a cost effective solution to downtime and productivity problems they were experiencing with antiquated equipment at their Hillsville Virginia Plant.

The retrofit cost just pennies on the dollar compared to replacing the inefficient equipment, allowing Parkdale to double the life of their system, adding an additional 15 to 20 years of run time with high reliability and a significant boost to productivity and accuracy. Since then we have completed upgrades at multiple Parkdale Mill plants, as well as other textile manufacturers.

As today’s plants struggle with aging infrastructure and increasingly stringent regulations as well as escalating operations and energy costs, they are searching for cost-effective ways to upgrade their plants to meet current and future requirements. When evaluating the need to rehabilitate, retrofit, upgrade or expand existing assets, Patti Engineering offers sustainable solutions that help plants reduce costs, improve operations, comply with new regulations, and save energy.

Some textile ring spinning trolley conveyor systems are operating with a 15 plus year old PC based control system with hardware and software no longer supported by the manufacturer and to matters more complex, many have software programs written in foreign languages. Patti Engineering’s retrofit program features proven, state-of-the-art controls. Antiquated automation systems are replaced with the latest PC hardware, Phoenix Contact’s Steeplechase Visual Logic Controller (VLC) and advanced HMI software.

Patti Engineering’s solutions include additional features not available with the original machine control. New software programs are written in English for better support and debug. Configuration and logging databases are added to give a better history of events to improve debug. Improved functionality and management capabilities from the HMI are added to run the system more efficiently. In addition, Patti Engineering provides U.S. based customer service with engineering services available 24/7 for support.