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Patti Engineering is a COMAU Robotics Preferred System Integrator. We have experience developing flexible and complete robotized systems.

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COMAU’s industrial robots offer innovative technology to help businesses in the automotive industry, among others, to be more competitive in today’s increasingly fast-paced markets. COMAU Robotics features a broad selection of robot families – small, medium and high-payload, robotized cells and process-integrated solutions. These systems are able to offer total automation, making production processes more functional and efficient than ever.

  • Solutions

    COMAU Robotics solutions can be applied to a number of tasks including spot welding, arc welding, press-shop automation, foundry, handling/palletizing, sealing/glueing, plastic and remote laser welding

  • Robots Range

    COMAU Robotics offers small, medium and high-payload, standard wrist and patented hollow wrist solutions

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