Indusoft Certified Systems Integrator

Indusoft Certified Integrator

We’re Indusoft Certified Integrator experts, certified to integrate Indusoft’s¬†industrial software products &¬†Windows-based industrial automation, instrumentation, and embedded systems applications.

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InduSoft Web Studio

  • Functionality – Graphics, Alarming, Event Mgmt., Trending, Recipe, Scheduler, Logging, Script Language, Reports, Database integration
  • User-Friendly development environment – Tree View, Online Configuration, Security, Import Wizards, Object Libraries, Remote Mgmt., Debugging tools
  • Remote access – Connect to your data and application via Internet Explorer, Secure Viewer dedicated browser, wireless device and cellular mobile licenses
  • Fix Problems Fast – Understand alarms quickly, visually on-screen or via E-mail, PDA, mobile phones or web browsers
  • Enterprise Integration – Easily communicate with Plant-Floor Devices, 3rd Party SCADA, PC Control, MES, WEB, API Toolkit, ERP and “back-office” systems using built-in relational database connectivity ADO, OLE-DB, ODBC
  • Reduce Downtime – Use open technologies (ActiveX, .NET) to visualize documentation, repair videos or audio messages
  • Clear Information – Multi-language support (UNICODE) so operators see information in their own speaking language
  • The information you need – Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Worldwide Trust – InduSoft has issued more than 125,000 licenses
  • Built on Standards – .NET, TCP/IP, OPC, ActiveX, ADO/ODBC, MFC, COM/DCOM, OLE, XML, SOAP

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