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Patti Engineering has experience integrating Keyence factory automation products to improve product quality, eliminate production errors, and lower manufacturing costs. Applications include detecting defects, monitoring production lines, guiding assembly robots, and tracking, sorting and identifying parts.

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A growing number of manufacturers require vision systems for traceability, inspection and guidance to meet stringent quality and efficiency standards. Patti Engineering has the technical expertise to integrate a wide range of Keyence’s factory automation products including automation sensors and safety equipment, static eliminators, barcode readers, measurement sensors, machine vision systems, laser markers and digital microscopes.

Manufacturers interested in learning how the development and integration of Keyence products into their manufacturing processes can benefit the quality control, efficiency and productivity of their operation, contact Patti Engineering, call (248) 364-3200 or email [email protected] to learn more.

Automation Products

Sensors, Laser Markers, and Safety Equipment

Keyence develops products to help automate manufacturing processes. Customers in a wide variety of industries use Keyence’s versatile sensors to detect the presence or absence of parts or a part’s features. Keyence also manufactures flow sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and static eliminators to improve processes.

Keyence laser markers utilize 3-Axis technology to mark product numbers, logos, barcodes and much more on a large variety of materials. Keyence’s safety equipment includes safety light curtains and safety scanners used to prevent plant floor injuries involving running machines.

Inspection Products

Machine Vision, Measurement Systems, Microscopes, and Barcode Readers

Inspecting parts in all phases of the manufacturing process is crucial for many of Patti Engineering’s customers. Keyence’s wide range of products are used on assembly lines to ensure achievement of quality goals.

Keyence’s machine vision systems can accurately and instantaneously perform visual quality control inspections. For high precision measurement applications, Keyence offers a variety of measurement systems to quickly communicate whether manufactured parts are good or no good.

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