Partner - Mitsubishi Authorized Systems Integrator.

Mitsubishi Electric Authorized Systems Integrator

We’re a Mitsubishi Electric Authorized Systems Integrator with extensive expertise using the Mitsubishi Electric family of automation and process electric hardware and equipment.

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Mitsubishi Electric Project Experience

  • McClellan/EC Manufacturing – Robotic assembly lines for miniature electronic devices
  • JCI – Metals/Stamping applications
  • Bridgestone – Test systems controls upgrades
  • HONDA Anna/Micromatic – Engine Assembly systems
  • HONDA Anna/YAC Robot – Robotic Engine Assembly
  • HONDA Marysville – Paint Circulation System
  • HONDA East Liberty – Paint shop flow control system (and conveyor interfaces)
  • HONDA Alliston – Misc automated paint workon bumper line
  • FORD Pretoria – Paint line system upgrade
  • Subaru – PVC spray system
  • Auto Alliance/FORD – multiple paint and assembly line projects
  • Mitsubishi Electric Motors – Misc robotic paint line work
  • MAC Steel – steel bar turning machine
  • National Steel/Pro-Coil – cut-to-length machine and press systems
  • USS Steel – Unix driver interface for A-Series PLC
  • CINTAS – various garment distribution facilities (trolley systems)
  • Nissan – UBE injection machines controls upgrades
  • Inductoheat – Hitachi systems re-programming
  • TSTNA trim – GOT data logging additions
  • US Steel/Shaltz – Controls upgrade support
  • Chrysler Toledo/ASE – conveyor additions
  • Dynamic Systems/Maruchan – Process water/Oil mixing for food processing
  • Coyne Textile – Rental garments sortation system
  • Arrow Uniform – garment sortation system upgrades
  • Ogihara – Press transfer system upgrade
  • Ansell Edmont – Latex glove manufacturing
  • Brechteen Food Casings – Replaced old 4-bitTI PLC with A-Series
  • Murata/Shuttleworth – Conveyor controls for silicon wafer manufacturer
  • Perceptron – Developed Mitsubishi serial driver for their vision products
  • Pierburg/GM – Modified automated gas tank refill system for wind tunnel tester
  • Belanger Auto Wash – Modify logic control for car wash system
  • Parke Davis – Medical Vial box loading system

Mitsubishi Electric Product Experience

  • Conversions from older PLC platforms to new – A to Q conversions and An to Q
  • Mitsubishi Electric’s Q and the newer iQ series
  • Projects using the A & FX PLC platform
  • Servos – J3 and J4
  • Motion controllers – from simple motion controllers like QD75 and advanced motion using MT Works
  • MES/IT module
  • PC based data manipulation and data bases like SQL and Oracle
  • Operator Interfaces – GOT
  • L Series PLC
  • iQ/Q Series PLC
  • QnA/A Series PLC
  • K Series PLC
  • F/FX Series PLC
  • SCARA robot
  • MR Series Servo
  • MRJ3-D05 Safety Relay Module
  • WS Safety Control System
  • All VFD families
  • GOT (1000/2000) HMI
  • F Series HMI
  • CC-Link
  • RT Toolbox (robot programming software)
  • GX Configurator for Profibus and Profinet
  • SSCNet communication
  • GT Works
  • GX Developer
  • GX Works/GX Works 2
  • MM+ (IEC format)
  • Melsec Medoc

Patti Engineering’s team are Mitsubishi Electric Authorized Systems Integrators with extensive expertise using Mitsubishi Electric automation & process equipment. How can we help you?

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