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Phoenix Contact Integrator

Patti Engineering is a Phoenix Contact System Integrator Partner with expertise in Phoenix Contact’s broad range of products for connection and automation technology. In addition, Steeplechase VLC software is a specialty of ours.

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Products from Phoenix Contact are used wherever processes need to run automatically. This may be in industrial production facilities, in the field of renewable energies, in infrastructure or for complex device connection.

They are used wherever current and data flow and need to be connected, distributed, and controlled. Patti Engineering has the expertise to utilize Phoenix Contact Products to go beyond their pure function: we can help you to design more efficient processes and reduce costs.

From the terminal block to the controller, Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive range of components and systems. Innovative I/O wiring systems and industrial plug-in connectors ensure efficient power and data transmission. Phoenix Contact’s offers device and connection technology from PCB connection to electronics housing. Patti Engineering has the expertise to design solutions for the future using Phoenix Contact’s broad range of products for connection and automation technology.

Phoenix Contact Integrator Projects

  • Purolator Courier ― Distribution System Upgrades
  • IR/Johnstone Pump ― Sealant Dispenser & Water Temp
  • K&G Fashion Superstore ― Shipping Sorter
  • The Men’s Wearhouse ― Shipping Sorter
  • The Men’s Wearhouse ― Tuxedo Sorter
  • Ross Dress For Less ― Distribution Center Sorter(s)
  • Forever 21 ― Shipping Sorter
  • Ashworth ― Automated Embroidery Transport & Sortation System
  • LWB Refractories ― Refractory Brick Pallet Stacking Cell
  • Sara Lee ― Frozen Pie Pallet Stacking
  • Cinetic/Sandvik ― Purolator Parcel Distribution (Montreal)
  • Tennessee Valley Authority ― Spillway Dam Controls Upgrade
  • Sohn Linen ― Uniform Rental Delivery Sortation System
  • Budget Uniform ― Uniform Rental Delivery Sortation System
  • Opryland Hotel ― Employee Uniform Delivery Sortation Carousel System
  • Parkdale Mills ― Textile Ring Spinning Trolley Conveyor System
  • Krause American ― Axle Production Startup & Support (Mexico)
  • B&K/Visteon ― Rack & Pinion Leak Test Cell (Mexico)
  • Tenneco ― Axle/Brake Assembly Lines

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