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Recommended UHF RFID Applications

This is the first chapter in our eBook, Your Guide to Implementing UHF RFID and it was written

Linking SQL Servers Saves Time

Blog Post by Ryan Goad, Controls Engineer

If you’re working on a system that accesses data on multiple servers, did

Internal vs External Controls Projects

by Ryan Goad, Controls Engineer and Nick Sadro, Electrical Engineer

Why Study Engineering?

by Sam Hoff, CEO

Maybe you are considering a career in engineering but

Do I Need a Vision System for my Robot or Should I Fly Blind...

by Joe Palace, Senior Electrical Engineer

When a robot performs an application, a process, or a validation check on a

Tricky Parameters for a Vision System: A Case in Point

by Dan Bock, Controls Engineer

Vision systems are tricky; they need to be reliable and accurate in any possible scenario.

Piston Ringer Assembly: Rewriting the Code

Blog Post by Shahrokh Yousefi, Controls Engineer
One of Patti Engineering’s customers in the heavy equipment manufacturing industry came to

A Robot Cell for Sound Deadener and Blackout Spray

Project Study by Steve Palmgren, P.E., VP Sales and Marketing
One of our long-term customers in the automotive industry reached

2nd Annual Women’s STEM Career Fair

On Wednesday, December 7, Patti Engineering will attend Marian High School’s 2nd annual STEM Career Night, entitled “Women Changing

Stress Testing Pressure Vessels: Oil & Gas Industry

Blog Post by Ian Mogab, Controls Engineer
One of Patti Engineering’s customers in the oil and gas industry had an

Should I Use the Advanced Recipe Function in the GOT HMI?

Blog Post by Joe Palace, Senior Electrical Engineer; Dan Teferi, Senior Electrical Engineer; and Matt Hayes, Electrical Engineer

The Mitsubishi

Should I Add Robots to My Facility?

This article originally appeared in our October 2016 newsletter.

Recently, we noticed that we’ve had an influx of customers asking