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Installing SCADA without Internet Access Using mGuard

A Mini Case Study in Network Connectivity and Security

Blog post by Senior Controls Engineer Nick Hitchcock, P.E.

With the growth

Our Partnership History with Siemens

As we head into our 25-year milestone, we are highlighting our history with some of the partners to whom

Spotlight on Raj Batra, President, Siemens USA Digital Facto...

The Spotlight is on Siemens USA President of Digital Factory. Raj Batra’s vision for the possibilities in manufacturing is

Getting Started With Universal Robots - Safely

Blog Post by Ian Mogab, Controls Engineer
What are UR robots?
UR robots, or universal robots, are collaborative robots, meaning that

Tips for Attending the 2016 CSIA Executive Conference

Next week, several of us are headed to the CSIA conference in Puerto Rico. Sam, our CEO has attended

Celebrating Six Years in Austin, Texas

Blog post by Steve Palmgren, VP of Texas Operations

What is a CSIA Certified Control System Integrator and Why S...

If you are an industrial end-user of automation technology – manufacturer, oil & gas company, water/wastewater plant, etc. –

Five Reasons to Upgrade to Siemens SIMATIC S7 PLC



Sticking with a legacy system means taking a gamble that you can still rely on your system, its

Will Engineers Write?

Blog Post by Steve Palmgren, VP of Texas Operations

Marketing is necessary to any business. If you don’t ever “put

Setting Up Reliable Monitoring for a Water and Wastewater Sy...

Blog Post by Patti Engineering Senior Engineer Nick Hitchcock, P.E

Recently, we worked on a project to monitor and control

O-O Approach For Industrial Automation Software Development

Blog post by Shahrokh Yousefi, Controls Engineer, Patti Engineering Texas Office

The Object-Oriented (O-O) approach to programming has long proven

That Time We Wound Up Interviewed by the FBI

If you’re not thinking about cyber security, you should be.  We all know not to yell out our password